What we’ve gained from the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator.

Most businesses start with more questions than answers. How can we attract investors? What is our most efficient use of time? How do we set up a private limited company?

For startups and small businesses these questions can be particularly daunting. What many entrepreneurs are unaware of is the support offered to small businesses around the country. One such support system is the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator, who can answer all these questions, and much more.

What is the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator?

The Accelerator is aimed at business that are looking to grow and scale. The programme offers three pillars that new business often lack at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

Coaching – These guys have seen it all before, and then some. No question is too ridiculous for our business guru’s who take pride in helping you and your business succeed.  

Environment – A vibrant collaborative environment with plenty of desk space, handy printing facilities and gloriously free broadband. Working in a professional environment is the first step to transforming your idea into a business.

Network – The most difficult step in any new venture, meeting the right people. With regular guest speakers and an ever expanding roster of alumni there’s no shortage of opportunities to engage with potential collaborators and clients.   

Most importantly the programme is fully funded and requires no financial contribution from you or your business.

FULLTIME.digital x NatWest

Whilst working with the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator we’ve been offered great business insight, phenomenal networking opportunities and 1:1 coaching.

Gordon Merrylees, Managing Director Entrepreneurship, NatWest said “We are delighted to welcome FULLTIME.digital on to the programme in Milton Keynes.

‘With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day.” We look forward to seeing Jordan and Vinny engage with the programme and grow their business with us.”

We would wholeheartedly recommend that budding entrepreneurs seek out the support of programmes like the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator in order to support their business. For more information on the accelerator programme check out the NatWest website.

The hardest step in any new business venture is the first. But by engaging with readily available and reliable business support that first step could be a lot easier.

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